Frequently Asked Questions.

What if my submission has confidential information?

There is a section on the entry form that is dedicated to any confidential information in your entry. This information will only be seen by our judges.


What is the eligibility period for the entries?

Entries must be for work conducted between October 2, 2017 and October 1, 2018, unless otherwise specified. Some of the work must have occurred during this time, but it does not necessarily need to have been started or completed during the eligibility period.


What is the cost to enter into the PRWeek Awards?

The price of each primary entry submitted is $440. You may choose to submit that same exact entry into a second or third category (which only applies to the Campaign and Technique Awards) for an additional fee of $280 per submission. For example, if you submit any one entry into three categories, the fee would be: $440 + $280 + $280 = $1000.
The entry fee for Business Awards – In-house and Business Awards – Agency is $480. The entry fee for the Education Awards is $159.


What is the deadline to submit?

The entry deadline is Monday, October 1, 2018, 9pm EST. Late entries will be received until Tuesday, October 9, 2018, 9pm EST. However, those entries received after Monday, October 1 will incur a late fee of $270 per entry.


Do I need to submit a video as support material?

Video support material is greatly encouraged but not mandatory. For further details please refer to the support material section of this entry kit.


How is my entry judged?

Judging for all categories occurs in two phases, online and live day. Online jurors  are asked to pick the top 10 entries in each category. On judging day, entries are scored live by a team of jurors. The scoring is on a 100-point scale, with each of the relevant criteria worth 20 points. This generates the finalists in each category.


What are the judges looking for?

  •        Focus on results that matter. Bottom-line impact and measurable business results. Notable changes to stakeholder behavior. Operational outcomes that move the needle. Judges are not impressed solely by media impressions, Facebook likes, and Twitter followers.
  •        Be brief. PRWeek Awards jurors appreciate succinct language because they review numerous entries. Furthermore, our arbiters can easily recognize hyperbole that often masks a sub-standard entry.
  •        Detail on dollars. Our jurors hold senior-level posts in the industry, so they understand the desire to not reveal certain specifics. However, don’t allow your budgets to be among those hidden factors. Such details allow entities and campaigns of varying sizes to be compared effectively. Your budget underscores the conditions under which a campaign was executed. And with Agency of the Year categories, the more detail shared about annual revenue, the better. And remember: Respect of confidentiality is paramount to both PRWeek and our jurors.

Can I change my written entry and or support material after I’ve submitted and paid?

No. Unfortunately you will not be allowed access to your entry once it has been submitted and paid for.


Can I remove an entry after it has been submitted and paid for?

No. If you have an issue please contact Matthew Honovic at


When are finalists announced?

On December 5, 2018* at All successful finalists will also be notified via email.

* Date subject to change


When are winners announced?

The presentation dinner and ceremony will take place at Cipriani Wall Street in New York City on Thursday, March 21, 2019. For further information about the awards event, please visit


Who do I contact for entry inquiries?

Matthew Honovic at 646 638 1814 or


Who do I contact for ticket inquiries?

Maggie Keller at 646 638 6041 or


Who do I contact for sponsorship inquiries?

Meghan Lynch at 973.943.1210 or